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"Boston's host of fine Swing Dancing since 1994"

Swing City Student Field Trips

Attention Swing dance instructors: Make a few bucks!

Swing City offers a "student field trip" program to all instructors, wherein we encourage you to plan an "outing" for your Beginner Swing Dance Studio Classes. We offer this program because many beginners just don't know where to go dancing, are a little intimidated to venture out, or just need a little "push" from the friends they've made in your class.

What we do is book a date with you, issue you discount coupons for your students (for their first time to Swing City), and for each one that we collect, we also pay you a commission for your work.

Here's how it works:

  1. Teach a beginner level studio class in the greater Boston area, typically a 4-6 week session.
  2. Let us know you'd like to participate in the program (a couple weeks in advance of the end of your class if you could).
  3. Book a date to come to Swing City with your students.
  4. We'll send you the coupons, typically worth $5 off the cover charge for each student.
  5. For the night you've booked, we'll also pay you $5 for each student that comes that night and uses the coupon.

You can take advantage of the program as often as you'd like, but it's only good once per individual student. Typically beginner lessons will have the most number of students that haven't been to Swing City, but if you have advanced beginner classes and such where that is the case, let us know.

Additionally, if you enroll in our program, we'll also add you to our instructors page with a paragraph about you and your classes.

Sound like a deal?

Contact us online, or call Olaf @ 617-513-9841



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