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"Boston's host of fine Swing Dancing since 1994"

Taxi Dancers now at Swing City!

Q: What's a "taxi dancer"?

Taxi dancers are a tradition from ballroom dances of yesteryear, typically professional dancers hired by the club and available for dancing, often for pay.

Our taxi dancers are of course FREE! They are volunteer experienced dancers, who are there to be "ambassadors" of sorts, particularly to the novices, with the responsibility to make sure everyone is having a good time and is dancing!

Thus, if you come alone, or if you're shy about asking someone to dance, just "Catch a Cab!"

You can spot them, usually about 4-6 there on a night, by the yellow "Taxi" badges they will be wearing. We're asking them to be "on duty" until about 10-10:30 each night.


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