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Friday, Nov. 7: Ricky King Russell
w/ Danny Banks

Plus Todd & Beth teaching and DJ'ing
Beginner's Swing lesson at 7:30

"The Annex" downstairs:
"Cat's Corner" 180+ night
w/ Alexandre Abdoulaev and Issac Marx
Intermediate Swing Lesson at 7:30, dancing to follow

This Week's Update

  • This week's entertainment
  • A call for your input
  • Advice on getting to Swing City (it's EASY!)

The always popular & swinging Ricky King Russell band returns this week! Plus downstairs Alex and Issac are hosting "Cat's Corner" 180+ night, for the fast music lovers. Alex and Megan will be teaching an intermediate lesson in the Annex at 7:30 as well!

Hope to see you there!

Check out the photos from last Friday's Halloween Party as well.


On a different topic, someone recently contacted me the following note:

Have you asked people how they like the new location?
I'm afraid that a lot of people don't.

Well...... The Swing crowd is well known for being "finicky", and more power to it. We know many people want the beloved Huron Avenue VFW post back (which unfortunately had been reduced to rubble and replaced by the West Cambridge Youth Center). However, we have to live in the world we're handed, though we can of course make efforts to change it. That is what we've been trying hard to do, and with reasonable success I must say.

As many of you may know, Swing City has had to bounce around ever since Huron Ave closed, and Dan Mez, myself, and others exhaustively searched the area inside of Rt128 for a suitable new location over the years, literally having looked at hundreds of halls. However, for what Swing City needs in a venue, there are painfully few options...

The Greek Church in Somerville for example, was almost "right", but at the very least it was going to require $150,000 in fire sprinklers. Most other halls simply don't have big dance floors, have terrible access, are run down, don't want the notoriously "non-drinking" dance crowd, aren't up to code, don't have proper licenses, cost too much to rent, won't give us every week, have no parking, are also about to be torn down, have terrible and uncooperative management, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. Trust me, we looked...!

The City Club on the other hand scores an "acceptable" or better in every column, and we are very lucky to have found it.

...Except that "people don't like it". That is unfortunate. Aside from moving (which is impossible because there simply aren't any better venues), the good news is there is a lot we can do to make improvements. However, we need to know what you'd like to see.

We hear from the people that do like the place, mostly comments like,"This place is so nice, why aren't there more people here?" We have about a total of 100 people in the house each week of late, and it certainly seems like attendees are having a good time, but obviously there is a silent majority (close to 3000 people on this list for example), who do not attend. We'd like to hear from you.

Granted, a lot of factors this year have been difficult to overcome: having had to move three times, the divisive result of the two other competing Friday night events that sprung up, the economy, and a few other things.

In all seriousness though, in the face of all these hurdles a lot of people have put in a truly phenominal amount of time, effort, and money to support the continuation and rebuilding of Swing City, and at some point soon a decision has to be made whether it's worthwhile to continue the effort. Unfortunately, the perfect venue isn't about to suddenly appear. So, we really need your input!

If you have comments, please drop us a note, either on the web form or email me at

Thanks kindly!

on behalf of all of our entertainers and staff


Getting to Swing City: Quite a few people have griped about finding the City Club. I ask them how they got there, and they all say, "I used my GPS". AH! NO WONDER. Trust me, it's REALLY EASY if you just follow our directions. We're just off the higway. Please don't use your GPS!! It will take you on the scenic shortcut through Cambridge and Somerville if you're coming from the Pike for example. For those people coming from western 'burbs, just take Mass Pike to I-93 North, take exit 28, make a left, left again at the second light, and park. It's maybe 10-15 minutes from Newton Corner.

The new place is the Somerville City Club, at 20 Innerbelt Road, Somerville (map). It's adjacent to the Holiday Inn near Sullivan Square, directly off I-93 and 3 blocks from the Orange Line. There are also a bunch of convenient buses that come through, ample parking, our "Annex", and of course... a FULL BAR. For those that drove to the Greek Church from I-93, you probably went right past it on Washington St. In fact it's only a little over a mile away from the Greek Church location and a few miles down the highway from Springstep.

Swing City
Live bands every Friday Night
plus other styles in "Annex"
--Located at--
Somerville City Club
20 Innerbelt Rd.
Somerville, MA 02143
(just off I-93 at exit 28)

Free Lessons*: 7:30-8:45
(*with cover)
Dancing: 8:45-1am
All ages welcome
$15 ($10 w/ student ID)
$10 Annex Only
directions »
(617) 513-9841

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Swing City Field Trips

Swing Instructors, bring your students, earn a little extra on the side.

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Taxi Dancers are back!

Until 10:30 we have friendly volunteers to dance with everyone and anyone, so if you don't have a partner or are new, "Catch a Cab"! more »

If you'd like to apply to be one of our taxi dancers,
send us a note »


More Swing City Highlights:

  • Doors open at 7:30, dancing until 1am
  • All ages
  • Full bar
  • Ample free lot-parking
  • Easy access by MBTA (Sullivan Square on the Orange Line), or a number of buses

What people are saying:
"It was one of the best swing dances I have attended in well over a year (and I dance several times a week)."

"Nice people all w/good intentions. From the person at door to anyone I would ask questions; all have positive,upbeat(no pun intended) attitudes. And this love of Swing Dancing is obvious by all assistance kindly offered and rendered. Five Stars."

Fall Schedule:

  Swing City's Feature Band and in "The Annex"
Nov. 7 Ricky King Russell Cat's Corner 180+
Nov. 14 Racky Thomas West Coast
Nov. 21 Peter Hostage Situation Chicago Steppin' with CSSOB
Nov. 28 Closed for Thanksgiving Holiday  
Dec. 5

Closed for Private Party
(we may be at the Hyatt again. Stay tuned)

Dec. 12 Bombay Jim & the Swinging Sapphires Cat's Corner 180+
Dec. 19 Roger Ceresi's All Starz Two Step/California Mix with Dee Soares
Dec. 26 Save the date:
Holiday Party!
with Eight to the Bar
West Coast

Our Fantastic Instructors and DJ's:

"Slick" Mike (It's All Swing)
Todd & Beth (ZazouSwing)
Tony & Aurelie (Hop To the Beat)
Alex and Megan
Step Step Triple Step
Nancy Murphy (Rug Cutters')

Taxi Dancers return! New dancer or coming solo? Dance with them! (Interested in becoming one? Drop me a line.)


See you on the dance floor!
Your humble "Swing City Impresario"

If you have any preferences or suggestions, please post them on the Swing City discussion board, which is--I’m glad to say--very active! We'd really like to have your opinions.