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"Hosting fine Swing and Lindy Hop Dancing in Boston since 1994"

Swing City Holiday Party

Saturday, December 8th, 2012

Featuring the Love Dogs

Please note, this is the second Saturday of the month. It was changed in order to accomodate a dance by some of our collegues. Please join us this coming Saturday for what will certainly be a fesitve evening.

Happy Holidays from the Swing City crew!

Saturday, December 8 at Huron Ave:
"Love Dogs" Holiday Party
Swing City Holiday Party
Everyone Loves the LOVE DOGS! Voted 2006 "Outstanding New England Band", plus Ed Scheer voted "Most Charismatic Entertainer", the "Hounds of Sounds" have been a top drawing band at Swing City for over a decade.

- Beginners
- Intermediate Mike Jonas
(see below for more details about the lessons)


Dear Swing City Patrons,

"The Love Dogs" wrap up 2012, on Dec. 8

As 2012 winds to a close for us, we're delighted to have the Love Dogs back for the finale act!

Thank you Swing City Patrons for a fantastic year, and we hope to see you

A Note About Date Changes

This coming date change (Dec. 8 vs. Dec. 1) was done at the request of some of our colleagues to accomodate a date where they had to move their date to our default date. In order to be neighborly we have had a policy of trying to accomodate these sort of conflicts for several years despite the confusion it always generates. Swing City certainly suffers in a number of ways whenever we do it. However, the individuals who run these other dances have now also told us they intend to run their dances whenever they choose going forward, with a general disregard for the impact on Swing City's. Obviously we're not so pleased by that, especially since we have gone out of our way so many times, at Swing City's detriment at that.

Therefore, since there is so much confusion when we change dates, we have concluded that it simply isn't worth trying to accomodate everyone anymore, especially when there isn't an air of reciprocity. For 2013 we have announced that we will stick to our standard schedule throughout the year.

We really do hate "politics" as we call it in the organizational ranks and try our hardest not to expose our patrons to it, but we often have been made out to be the "bad guys" by not correcting the misinformation that gets out there.

Thank you again for your support and understanding for the 2012 changes, and we look forward to a solid year in 2013!

Dance lessons at Swing City

New to Swing Dancing or already an expert? No worries, we've got something for everyone!

Join us for a beginner swing lesson, or if you're a more experienced dancer, we offer a concurrent intermediate class. Classes begin at 8pm promptly, so be sure to arruve a few minutes early.

Classes have been HUGE lately, so be sure to come for those. Beginner and intermediate levels are concurrent so most of our regular dancers will be able to take a non-beginner class with our rotation of some of Boston's top dance instructors, yet still bring your friends who might be more comfortable at a the intro level. Moreover, the classes are a GREAT way to meet people if you're new to the scene, single, or just feeling social!

The intro class will be single step East Coast, while the intermediate class generally assumes you can dance a triple step and are comfortable with a variety of basic moves. The intermediate class will be different each week, selecting from styles that include Lindy, Balboa, Charleston, and more, and sometimes features guest instructors.

If either lesson is too hard or simple for you, one can just switch to the other one as needed.

Swing City, the best weekly Swingin' venue in town!

- Tons of free parking
- Ice Cold Air Conditioning
- Juice, Soda, and Water available, plus snacks
- Great Floor (one patron was memorably giddy with excitement! thx)
- Easy MBTA Access (bus #72 direct from Havard Square)

8:00pm: Beginner and Intermediate Swing Dance Lessons, no partner necessary.
9:00pm: Band goes on (DJ in the breaks)
until 12:00pm

So please join us for lessons, a night of rich live music, dancing, lots of cool fun people of all ages, and some great exercise. Bottom line, a great night out for only $16 ($12 with college ID), and a super vibe! Read, "Boston's official Cheap Date."

Tons of Swing City Photos are in the Photo gallery

See you there!


If you have your own comments to share, we'd love to hear them. Please email us at

See you this Friday!
on behalf of all of our entertainers and staff


Coming Up!
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Dec. 8
(Huron Ave)
Note: 2nd Saturday
HOLIDAY PARTY with the Love Dogs
Jan. 5
(Huron Ave)
Roger Ceresi's All Starz
Jan. 18
(Huron Ave)
Black and White
Feb. 2
(Huron Ave)
Tom Nutile Big Band

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Swing City Field Trips

Swing Instructors, bring your students, earn a little extra on the side.

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Taxi Dancers are in!

Until 10:30 we have friendly volunteers to dance with everyone and anyone, so if you don't have a partner or are new, "Catch a Cab"! more »

If you'd like to apply to be one of our taxi dancers,
send us a note »


What people are saying:
"It was one of the best swing dances I have attended in well over a year (and I dance several times a week)."

"Nice people all w/good intentions. From the person at door to anyone I would ask questions; all have positive,upbeat(no pun intended) attitudes. And this love of Swing Dancing is obvious by all assistance kindly offered and rendered. Five Stars."

Our Fantastic Instructors and DJ's:

Mike Jonas, Step Step Triple Step
Nancy Murphy (Rug Cutters')
JJ Williams (JJ Productions)
Karen Leeds (Karen Leeds Dance)

Taxi Dancers are in the house! New dancer or coming solo? Dance with them! (Interested in becoming one? Drop me a line.)


See you on the dance floor!
Your humble "Swing City Impresario"

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