A Note on the Boston Marathon Tragedy

Dear Swing City Patrons,

As some of you know, both Mike Jonas and I have participated as runners in the Boston Marathon many times--seven times myself, and Mike has done at least that many (including 2013). Thus this tragedy strikes us extremely personally because the Boston Marathon is such a beautiful event that represents the finest that Greater Boston--and moreover the people--have to offer. It is rare to find someone that has not gone out to cheer on the throngs of runners, which is in and of itself a treat, but I can attest as a runner that the thrill of running this race is like none other I have ever experienced. Thus we will be hosting a fundraiser at some later date, the proceeds of which will go toward restoring the threatend beauty and vitality of the Boston Marathon as the tradition Mike and I have so much enjoyed so many times in the past.

Our thoughts go out to those that were injured or worse, and the myriad of athletes and spectators who were affected. May the dust settle and wounds heal quickly.

In the meantime, may the dancing continue, a therapy which I personally have used to heal my own wounds of sorts for many years.




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Friday, April 19 at Huron Ave:
"Roger Ceresi's All Starz"
A Swing City Favortite! Featured annually at Providence's "Waterfire", this great band is comprised of "some of the finest R&B players on the planet."

- Beginner with JJ Williams
- Intermediate Mike Jonas
(see below for more details about the lessons)


Dear Swing City Patrons,

But of course... hope you all caught Eight to the Bar last week, a full house and fantastic dance. We've got them booked again tentatively on July 19.

Roger Ceresi's All Starz this Friday

Now, if you like a full house (who doesn't?), you can expect one again this Friday with Roger's band, who similarly never disappoint. Please join us for what will be another great evening of live music, great dancing, great people to meet, dance lessons, and of course fantastic exercise. Oh, and free, fresh, hot popcorn now too!

Hope to see you there.

Dance lessons at Swing City

New to Swing Dancing or already an expert? No worries, we've got something for everyone!

Join us for a beginner swing lesson, or if you're a more experienced dancer, we offer a concurrent intermediate class. Classes begin at 8pm promptly, so be sure to arruve a few minutes early.

Classes have been HUGE lately, so be sure to come for those. Beginner and intermediate levels are concurrent so most of our regular dancers will be able to take a non-beginner class with our rotation of some of Boston's top dance instructors, yet still bring your friends who might be more comfortable at a the intro level. Moreover, the classes are a GREAT way to meet people if you're new to the scene, single, or just feeling social!

The intro class will be single step East Coast, while the intermediate class generally assumes you can dance a triple step and are comfortable with a variety of basic moves. The intermediate class is different each week, generally Charleston. We sometimes features guest instructors.

If either lesson is too hard or simple for you, one can just switch to the other one as needed.

Swing City, the best weekly Swingin' venue in town!

- Tons of free parking
- Ice Cold Air Conditioning
- Juice, Soda, and Water available, plus snacks
- Great, New, Sprung Bamboo Floor (one patron was memorably giddy with excitement! thx)
- Easy MBTA Access (bus #72 direct from Havard Square)

8:00pm: Beginner and Intermediate Swing Dance Lessons, no partner necessary.
9:00pm: Band goes on (DJ in the breaks)
until 12:00pm

So please join us for lessons, a night of rich live music, dancing, lots of cool fun people of all ages, and some great exercise. Bottom line, a great night out for only $16 ($12 with college ID), and a super vibe! Read, "Boston's official Cheap Date."

Tons of Swing City Photos are in the Photo gallery

See you there!


If you have your own comments to share, we'd love to hear them. Please email us at olaf@swingcityboston.com

See you this week!
on behalf of all of our entertainers and staff


Coming Up!
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April 19
(Huron Ave)
Roger Ceresi's All
May 4
(Huron Ave)
Rico Barr & Jump 'n' Jive Review
May 17
(Huron Ave)
Closed for Graduations
(no dance)
June 1
(Huron Ave)
Compaq Big Band
June 21
(Huron Ave)
Black & White
June 29
(Huron Ave)
Love Dogs
July 6
(Huron Ave)
Bombay Jim & the Swinging Sapphires
July 19
(Huron Ave)
Eight to the Bar
Aug. 3
(Huron Ave)
Band TBA
Aug. 16
(Huron Ave)
Tom Nutile Big Band
Aug. 31
(Huron Ave)
Sweet Willie D. and the Continentals

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"Nice people all w/good intentions. From the person at door to anyone I would ask questions; all have positive,upbeat(no pun intended) attitudes. And this love of Swing Dancing is obvious by all assistance kindly offered and rendered. Five Stars."

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Mike Jonas, Step Step Triple Step
Nancy Murphy (Rug Cutters')
JJ Williams (JJ Productions)
Karen Leeds (Karen Leeds Dance)

Taxi Dancers are in the house! New dancer or coming solo? Dance with them! (Interested in becoming one? Drop me a line.)


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