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"Boston's host of fine Swing Dancing since 1994"


In our time as swing dancers, we have run across certain questions that people always ask. Here are a few that many dancers have asked before. If you have other questions, please contact us.

1.  What type of music do you play at your dances?

Our bands and orchestras play swing music of varying types and rhythms.  In any given evening, you will hear traditional big-band numbers or jump blues, as well as slower songs that allow you to take a breather by dancing styles such as foxtrot or two-step, which are less physically demanding.

2.  What do I wear?

Dress lightly – though the venue is air-conditioned, swing dancing quickly works up a sweat.  Most people prefer to dress in casual or vintage clothes.  Few dancers dress formally, unless they are wearing zoot suits or '40s-style dresses.

As for shoes, we recommend those with leather soles, with low heels for women.  Sneakers and rubber-soled shoes are not recommended because they do not slide as well on the dance floor.

3.  How old are the people that attend?

Our dance floor is open to people of all ages.  Since we are located near Boston, we tend to get a lot of college students, but a number of our regular attendees are also older dancers.  In general, our most of our dancers cover the age range of 18 to 65.

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