Swing City: Best of Boston 2005 Swing Dance Club, 2005

"Two Dances, One Venue"

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"The Annex" at Swing City

In addition to the East Coast/Lindy Hop dance with live music in the Ballroom, Swing City presents"The Annex", featuring additional styles of swing dance in our second, smaller hall each week, in a monthly rotation.

Presenting a unique opportunity for New England's Swing Dancers to enjoy multiple swing genres on one single night at the same venue!

$10 cover for the Annex, or an extra $5 allows you to come and go into both dances as you please.

Lesson/Workshop: 7:30-8:45
Dancing until 1am

Please check the calendar for the latest schedule.

Featured in "The Annex"


West Coast Swing

West Coast Swing is a modern form of swing that is danced to contemporary pop, blues and R&B. The playful moves and elegant lines make for an exciting dance, but the smooth and relaxed style make it easy to dance the night away! This is the perfect dance to learn for a night out on the town because it is danced to the music you hear all the time on the radio and in clubs.

Co-hosted by Paolo Piselli, with DJ's Missy Harvey and Kim Filippo, and occasional guest DJ's and instructors.

Featured hosts, instructors, and guests:
Paolo Pisell
Jennifer Lyons
Missy Harvey
Kim Filippo


"Cat's Corner": Balboa/Fast Lindy 180+

Co-hosted by Alex Abdoulaev, Megan Damon, Issac Marx, and Jenn Rutledge, with guest appearances by Mary Timmons, Steve Drzewiczewski

Workshop/Lesson at 7:30, Dancing to follow.


Two-Step/"California Mix"

Co-hosted by Dee Soares and DJ John Soares


Night Club Two Step is one of the fastest growing dances on the East Coast. It is a slow, easy to learn dance for nightclubs as well as ballrooms and weddings. It's a perfect dance for medium to slow paced popular music.

John & Dee Soares teach social dance and competitive country dancing and have been dancing and teaching social dance and competitive country dancing for over 10 years.


Chicago Steppin'

Rooted in African-American culture, Steppin' derived from various African American dance forms such as The Ring-Shout, Cakewalk, Jitterbug, Swing, Off-time, and Bop. It consists of two or more people dancing as partners in sync to a six or eight count beat to musical sounds of Jazz, R&B, Funk, Neo Soul and some Hip-Hop.

Chicago Style Steppers of Boston (CSSOB) is committed to promoting the culture and grace of Chicago Style Steppin' in the Boston community at large. It is a fairly new scene in Boston, and we're excited to host Steppin' dances at Swing City.

Co-hosted by Karin Wall with guest DJ's.

Sites about Steppin':